Hold Deposit Policy

Hold Deposit Policy

Garments will be held for five days after your non-refundable hold deposit is received. Garments will be pulled from our Fashion Truck and the website, which will ensure it's not purchased by another patron. We will send you an invoice for the remaining balance, less applicable holding fees. Please contact us before checkout, so that we can release the hold. We ask that you checkout promptly after the hold is released, to avoid another patron purchasing your items. You must complete your purchase by clicking the link within the invoice. Please add a note stating desired items and the date you will be buying your selections. Each item is subject to a Hold Deposit. For example, if you would like us to hold three garments; please purchase three Hold Deposits. You are unable to put a hold on clearance items.

Deposit Q & A
  1. Can Clearance or sale items be placed on hold?
No, Sale and clearance items are not eligible for holding deposit.
  1. How do I complete my purchase when I am ready to pay the remaining balance?
You must contact us to release the hold, then click on the link within the invoice, as it has the correct amount owed.
  1. Is my hold fee refundable?
No, all holding fees are nonrefundable.
  1. How many days will you hold my items?
Items will be held for five days, including weekends. And will be released on the sixth day.
  1. How will clothing be kept?
All requested item(s) will be removed from the website, and the truck to prevent them from being sold.
  1. How often could place clothing on hold?
As long as you satisfy your previous holds without incident, you can always place items on hold, as long as we are still offering Hold Deposit Services.
  1. I lost my last holding fee, do I have to pay full price?
Yes, once five days has expired your hold is now void. You will be responsible for paying the full retail price.
  1. Why was my holding fee refunded?
Your order was canceled and the hold was voided due to incidents with previous holds or you requested sale or clearance items to be held.
  1. What happens when holds are released?
Items are returned to the website and are showing instock to patrons surfing our online store, which means they could possibly be bought. This is why we ask you to promptly check out.
  1. It is the fifth day, but I can't complete my transaction until later, what should I do?
You have until 7:00 pm, please contact us when you have time and are ready to complete your transaction.
  1. I am on a different time zone,
CSB is on Eastern Standard Time.
  1. What is the latest time I could contact someone about my order.
You have until 7:00 pm EST on the fifth day to contact us. Once items are released, please promptly check out.
  1. What methods of communication are acceptable?
We prefer you to call us, inbox us, DM us, or chat live. We do not recommend email as we may not get it in time.


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