Fashion Truck!

Fashion Truck!

Chrisie Styles #FashionTruck

Chrisie Styles, A Thick Girl’s BoutiQue, came to fruition out of frustration. Christine was extremely dissatisfied with the lack of stores selling fashion for full figured women in her local. Christine spent time educating herself on what was needed and had to be done to start an online boutique. During the first year of business, she operated her business with just her teenage daughter who had taken a huge interest in the business. Christine and her daughter traveled out of state together to participate in several different types of events as a vendor. One day, while at an event she saw a Fashion Truck for the very first time and knew this was something she wanted and needed. That day Christine began searching online to learn more about these Fashion Trucks and how they were trending. As an avid online shopper, Christine knew an offline presence was still needed to help her business grow. She decided to move forward with the truck. By the Spring of 2016, Christine had her very own mobile boutique.


What Is A Fashion Truck?

A fashion truck is a box truck, step van, RV, or trailer that has been converted into a boutique. Fashion Trucks are trending all over the United States, and are picking up steam in other countries as well. They’re run by men and women from all walks of life. These small business owners search classified ads, craigslist, and other places to locate the perfect vehicle to transform into their dream. These stores on wheels don’t just sell clothes. Some of them sell home goods, body product, handmade jewelry, or skateboards.

Where Do Trucks Go?

We are currently looking for a semi-permanent location to park our boutique on wheels. Chris would take it to outdoor events such as street fairs and festivals, etc. We also do pop up shops at hair salons and wineries. We often meet women who find the shop very interesting and host private truck parties at their residence. If you’re interested in a truck party, collaborating, or offering us place to park and operate our shop, please send us an email. To keep up with the truck, please sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.








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