We're Going Mobile!! Let The Journey Begin!

We're Going Mobile!! Let The Journey Begin!

Hello Shoppers,

We have some very exciting news! WE’RE GOING MOBILE!! We are taking our online boutique on the road. We finally finished the inside of our fashion truck. It has been a long road. But we made it to the end. Unfortunately there were several bumps in the road which caused us not to be able to finish the outside. But that’s okay! Sometime last year while vending at an event in Philadelphia, we saw another mobile boutique and knew this was something we needed for our business. Christine began researching and doing her homework on Fashion Trucks and Mobile Boutiques.  In September 2016 Chris found an old Wise Potatoe Chip truck for sale on Craigslist. She contacted the seller and they were able to agree on a price. About three weeks later Chris was on her way to becoming a mobile boutique owner.

Let’s fast forward about eight months. The truck is semi-finished and is ready for street fairs, carnivals, and private parties. If you don’t know what a private party is, keep reading. A private party or Truck Party is when you make arrangements with Chris for her to drive over to your house or business you and ten of your friends and family or coworkers shop the truck right in your driveway or parking lot. It doesn’t have to be just you and your girls. It could also be a large family function that you’d like us to attend.

So now that you know what a “Truck Party” is let’s talk about how it would go when I arrive. You would be sure to reserve parking for the truck in your driveway or two to three parking spots on level ground right in front of your door. Then the hostess will come onto the truck and browse and let us know what items she like and are interested in. Those items will be put on hold until the end of the party. Depending how profitable your party is how your discounts will be determined. If your friends and family shop it up, you might walk away with a few free items. 

Well ladies we hope that you guys enjoy the video. We are very proud and never thought this would be an accomplishment that we could ever achieve.




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