We Had A PhotoShoot!

We Had A PhotoShoot!

This past Thursday, my friend and I were the models for the second round of our new arrival product pictures. As a small business owner, I sometimes try to do it all. I recently discovered that I can not be the boss, write the product descriptions, moderate the social media, be the buyer, model the clothes, take and edit the pictures, then upload them to the website. Over the last few years, I have tried to delegate these task to others, but things just don't go the way I plan.  I still end up doing them myself.  I have tried so many different photographers and wasn’t happy with the end results. But honey, when I tell you, I think I may have found my new in-house photographer, Yay! I think I have found a talented, enthusiastic person that will produce quality product images. My friend hooked me up with her guy who takes awesome landscape photography and he was elated to participate in a boutique photoshoot. @De_AvidPhotographer captured my idea in slow motion. He directed the shoot with such devotedness, that I am confident that these images will be hit. He is clearly fond of is craft and desires to produce nothing but high-quality images.

Plus size fashion is my passion. I love to dress full figured women in clothes that will make them feel good. When a woman looks good, she feels good! When curvy ladies come on to my fashion truck or approach my table at a vending event, I immediately greet them with a big smile. Then I say“ Hello Beautiful”. Those two words are a slight boost of confidence, and or mood. I choose all of the new garments on my website and truck with the thoughts of all of my customer and future customers in mind.

As the Owner/buyer of Chrisie Styles Boutique, I have to choose garments to complement the curves of full figured women. This time around I choose a few dresses that are flowy, long, and loose fitting. Often times I meet women who are shy about either their arms or their legs. This is why I have decided to pick up a few semi-sheer long sleeved maxi dresses. She will be cool but will still be able to feel good about the way she looks. I also choose a cute two-piece set with a flounced crop top and a long mermaid maxi skirt. Here is sneak peek at some of the shoot. We hope you like what you see.






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