This Is Going To Be A Good Year!

This Is Going To Be A Good Year!

Chrisie Styles is an online boutique for full-figured women, featuring a variety of affordable plus size clothes, fashion jewelry, and accessories. After doing lots of vending events and seeing the results of interacting in person with our customers, we started realizing an offline presence was seriously needed. I decided to go mobile and create a fashion truck. Mobile boutiques are a new concept popping up all over the world. A fashion truck is similar to a food truck, the difference is that they’re filled with new and used clothing for women and children, home goods, menswear etc. Last year we decided to join in on the new trend, so we refurbished and old Step Van into a mobile boutique. We framed it, installed outlets, and air conditioning, funky light fixtures, and chic decor, then filled her with stylish plus size fashions. During our first season, we traveled and participated in street fairs, festivals, and private parties. We are looking forward to popping up near you. We really didn’t get the chance to use the truck as much as we would have like. She broke down several times. Once when we were on our way to an event. I was so devastated and disheartened to the point I went live on Facebook in my fashion truck group and cried my eyes out. After that gloomy day, I decided to shut her down for the rest of the season. She sat in my driveway for the rest of the Fall and all Winter long not being used.  I started her and took her for a spin around the block throughout the Winter to make sure she would be in good working order once the new season rolled around. One day I went to start her up and drive around the block and I couldn’t get the gear shift to move from park to drive. Again I was so upset. I really thought this was a huge issue and delayed getting her towed to the mechanic. Once I learned that the tow truck driver could get her in motion, I decided to to take her to the shop to get repaired. Fast forward three weeks, shes fixed and running well. And We passed our inspection at the Motor Vehicle Commission. Now to book some events and truck parties. I am optimistic that this year will be a good one! Stay tuned for our truck stops and big events.



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