The Inception of Chrisie Styles BoutiQue

The Inception of Chrisie Styles BoutiQue

I used to be about 120lbs soaking wet. I could go into any store and buy a whole lot with only $100.00. My favorite store was on 125th Street in Harlem, where I grew up called High Energy. That was my spot! Once I started to develop my style I knew that this was going to be my favorite store. After my first child I gained a little weight. So now I had to move to the back of the store where they kept the plus size fashions. Back then I noticed a difference between the plus size clothes and the clothes for slimmer women. Because of the disparity and the sparseness, I wasn’t very happy and I tried very hard to lose the weight. I couldn’t afford Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart at that time. And The Avenue wasn’t for my age group, nor was it my style at all. Being a brand new mom at the young age of 20 I wanted to look stylish. I wanted to be fabulous; just as I did when I was slim. After months and months of being so disappointed with what was out there. I just began to just wear white t-shirts and blue jeans. This was my uniform. I had so many pair so blue jeans and so many packs of white t-shirts that I could go without washing them for weeks. By the age of 23 I had my second child and my weight had sky rocketed way past 200lbs. I was so upset with myself. I just kept on wearing what I called my uniform. Then I began to buy men button down shirts because they were longer and could hide my little stomach. I would wear men jeans because they would come with a longer waste. As I got older I found better employment and now was able to shop in the big box plus size stores. So now I have the money but still didn’t like the selections. Once I moved from NYC to New Jersey I found that all the plus size women were wearing spandex and a men button down shirt or spandex and a Fruit of the Loom shirt. Where was the style? Where were the choices? Where was the fashion? There really wasn’t much. When I was a slim girl I was very very fashionable. I looked very nice whenever I needed to step out my front door. So I knew that, that was the way I wanted to look as a plus size woman. In my local mall there are only five stores that for plus size fashion. Only two of them had what I thought was affordable prices. The other three were overly priced for what I thought was the exactly same thing that can be purchased at an Old Navy. So I began to think, and I came up with the idea of a plus size boutique. I wanted it to be affordable. I wanted to be able to provide a go to place for the women in all age groups. I wanted a place for women who like to look good, but couldn’t find clothes to fit their style or their budget. I wanted to have a place where parents who have plus size tweens and teens could go and find their kid something trendy. I wanted to attract the professional business woman. I wanted the older woman who needed attire for the work force. I wanted to attract the woman who worshipped and needed to be stylish everytime they went to service. After several months of surfing the internet for the knowledge to accomplish my new idea, I had launched Chrisie Style BoutiQue. It’s now a year later and I met so many wonderful women whose lives I have touched with my affordable and trendy boutique. Even after a year it’s still a jubious feeling.


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