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Do You Wear a 10/12?

We created a collection of plus size clothes for the smaller full figured fashionista.

Most times I meet women while at an event or have given her one of our cards and she tells me, she is not as full figured a most of my clients. Then I try to remember off the top of my head and begin to run down a list of dresses, tops, or bottoms that I sell in her size. I really began to think that I need to make these items easily accessible for my potential customers. I felt as if I was leaving money on the table by not having these items readily available to the ladies who only wear that size. Even though my items are usually starting at size 14, every now and then I would acquire the pack with a 1X fitting a woman that wears a 10/12 in it. Since I am not manufacturing I sometimes get a pack where the garments run small. In that case, I now have smaller pieces for these women. We've decided to make her shopping experience much easier at our online boutique, by creating a collection page featuring all of the available items that come in size 10/12. On this page, you'll find a variety of affordable plus size fashion for my smaller full figured queens, such as plus size jumpsuits, plus size dresses, plus size tops, and plus size bottoms for any and all occasions. Our Curvy 10/12 section will feature an array of alluring fashion for all seasons. They will be listed from newest to oldest. We took the guessing game out of if this item will fit you or not.



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