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Book Your Truck Party!

Book Your Fashion Truck Party!

Our baby Beyonce, our boutique on wheels is up an running. And we want to bring her by your house, hair salon, restaurant for an exclusive Chrisie Styles Boutique Fashion Truck Party. What is a truck party? A truck party is when we pull up on you with our boutique on wheels filled with the hottest plus size fashion. We will be playing the newest tunes that are always spinning on the radio and topping the charts. There might just be a little bubbly for the adults to enjoy and get loose. The air will be cool to keep you nice and comfortable while you try on all of our cute jumpsuits and rompers, dresses, tops, and bottoms. How do you set up a truck party? All you have to do is give us a call and we will discuss our availability and hope we can find a date that is ope on both of our calendars. Then you will invite at least 10 of your curvy friends and family over and the rest is up to us. contact us to have your own party now!



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